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BenjaminIch am Benjamin, and sometimes i just take my Rucksack and start on a journey. Usually i write in german about my expiriences, and i have started my own blog on garnienicht.de just for that a few years back.


This site however is mentioned to be “english only”. But as i dont have a lot of time to translate all my writings, i highly suggest you (if you can read at least some german words) to cotinue on https://garnienicht.de.


“garnienicht.com” is just a proof of concept, so don’t expect any content at all.

"where the hell is he?"

Yes, this is a live satellite monitoring. Seriously. For those who like to know where I am right now.

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at this point i would like to show you a neat world map to loacte my position and all of my posts, but unfortunately is not enough space on the screen of your device...
Please tyr to maximize your browser window or use another device to see the map ;)

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What is 'garnienicht.com'? (the show-off column)

"garnienicht.com" is a private blog where i like to share all my travel memories since 2016 with you!
Of course i have collected some stuff during my journey that i want to share with you:

1 publsihed posts containing some stories about special places, people i have met or just the daily travellers blues.

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